Frequently Asked Questions

How to add an airline?

Choose the "+ add new Airlines". Fill in all the fields (for information use Wikipedia). Fields of IATA and ICAO fill in uppercase letters. Upload the logo of the airline in format PNG (can also be found on Wikipedia). If you want you can upload photos of this aircraft airline.

How to add a card to the site?

If the airline is not listed, initially add the airline. Select the desired airline. Click on the button "ADD CARD". Fill out in all the fields. If desired aircraft is not listed, select a "OTHER" at the end of the list, and add type aircraft. In the "Information" add Additional information about the card. Load the card scans on all sides in good quality (optimal 1024 pixels). The first image of the front of the load. And click "Add New Safety Card".

How to add the card to the list of trade?

On the Card page in the table "SALE AND EXCHANGE" select "add trade". Choose the checkbox for sale or exchange (or both). Set the price in EUR. Specify the condition the card. You can add your information. Save.

If you have any problems or difficulty, please contact the support.