Country: Turkey Turkey
Alliance: OTI Holding
year: 2014
Royal Flight commenced operations in the year 2011. The Irish-based company carries out the airplane leasing business for the flight of the Group toRussia. In 2011, it put 4 A321 airplanes at the disposal of the group company Coral Travel via Ural Airlines. As of the year 2014, the company has added 5 Boeing 757-200 airplanes to its fleet. These airplanes started to fly on March 8, 2014 under the brand name Royal Flight through the company called Abakan Avia. The airline flies to main destinations of Coral Travel, which areTurkey,Spain,Egypt,Greece, and theUnited Arab Emiratesin the summer season. In the winter season, on the other hand, Thailand, Goa, and Vietnam will be added.

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