Safety Card Jet Time Boeing B737-700 Emergensy Exit (2)

Safety Card  Jet Time B737-700 (2) Safety Card  Jet Time B737-700 (2)
Country: Denmark Denmark
Company: Jet Time
Aircraft types: Boeing B737-700
Size: 170x230 mm
Format: card
Languages: English
Year: -
Important information regarding exit seating! Welcome a board this Jet Time flight. When you are seated next to an emergency exit you are an important part of the flight safety. Please take a moment to read about your responsibilities during flight, and to consider your responsibility. In the event of an accident you may be required to open the emergency exit or assist Jet Time’s crew in doing so. You would also need to leave your seat promptly to ensure that other passengers can access the emergency exit. For these reasons only adult passengers with no impairments on mobility or intellect can be seated on these seats. You are prevented from sitting by emergency exits if you are e.g. intoxicated, pregnant, obese or have a broken limb. If the safety requirements are not met, Jet Time is required by international law to revoke the seat, and reserves the right to reseat without compensation. Please note that all cabin baggage must be stowed in the overhead compartment for takeoff and landing. Furthermore you are kindly requested to place your reading material etc. in the seat pocket for takeoff and landing. If you are not sure of your ability to assist Jet Time’s crew during an emergency, please ask the crew for reseating before departure. Once again welcome a board and thank you for your support. Yours sincerely, Jet Time A/S

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